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Mindfulness based body awareness, listen on-line now.

The following track is a based on mindfulness of the body. It helps to focus your attention in the present through the senses. Mindfulness through your senses can help to reduce over thinking (or rumination), worry and anxiety.

Brain whispererblog-mary-cake

A reminder to everybrain that we need to take care of that amazing equipment parked between our ears, because it rules our world. When it’s well fed and happy it’s like a playful puppy, but when it’s ignored, hungry or frightened, it misbehaves – naughty brain.

When you get a new pet, let’s say a puppy, you learn how to take care of it. You find out what it needs to be well and happy. You spend time playing with it. You probably buy the best food you can afford and the occasional treat…..

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Articles that may interest you

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