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ibrainmap-book-cov-400pxi-brainmap, freeing your brain for happiness,

by Rita McInnes

Meet your brain as you’ve never encountered it before.

In this lively and imaginative book, psychologist Rita McInnes invites your curious brain to join her and other characters in dialogue to uncover the experience of brain change in the everyday.

i-brainmap takes you on a journey of discovery into practical brain change, starting with a field map of experience on how the brain gets Stuck on Stress (SoS brain) and what you can do to free your brain.

If you’ve ever tried to kick a habit, felt stuck in the same old round-and-round conversation in your head, watched on in horror as you threw a tantrum in the boss’s office or at the traffic lights, or experienced any other kind of ‘stuck’, i-brainmap can show you the simple secrets of practical brain change.

i-brainmap combines insights, discovered from intimately tracking brain integration in hundreds of clients, with brain science. The techniques used in i-brainmap are grounded in the principles of mindfulness to create a practical, bottom-up approach to brain change.

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What people are saying:

“This book gave me a new way if seeing anxiety with strategies I could use immediately. Highly recommend it for anyone with anxiety.” – Kylie

“This is the missing piece of the puzzle.” Joe

The book is also available at Paradise Books Daylesford, Stoneman’s Bookroom Castlemaine, and Reader’s Companion Armidale.