The surprise connection in reading on a grave

I was at the Blackwood cemetery last week. Yes is it is lovely but I wasn’t there for the ambience. I was there to find Mrs McGregor’s grave. Apparently that has the best reception in town. I didn’t end up finding Mrs McGregor’s grave, but Edward Vaughan gets good coverage … Read more

My heart is a muesli bar

I’ve been cranky lately. A lot of pain in my face makes me cranky. Yeah I know it’s not very enlightened. But when I’m stuck in the pain I forget what works. I just drop into my miserable, sort of like an out of tune version of “Les Mis,” with … Read more

The bluebird of crappiness sings

When I woke up this morning with the bluebird of crappiness sitting on my head and a withering smell in the air I knew it was going to be a bad day. Some days we wake up feeling blue, grey, green, or black for no particular reason. It’s like there’s … Read more