Sex on Thursday, death on Friday

We’re doing sex on Thursday. Yes I’m excited too. It’s medieval sex. I’ve been excited since it was announced last week. Sex on Thursday, perhaps it could be the title for a tweeted version of Sex in the City, quick and dirty, and all over by Friday. See you for … Read more

For a sad friend

A friend called on Wednesday. She said she was feeling sad because she’d just lost someone she loves. She wished she didn’t feel so sad. When we are inside the sad lonely place called grief it feels like it will never end. No matter what anyone says from outside that … Read more


I had lunch with a friend last week. She told me her daughter was cutting again. Her own pain was like a dark shadow around her eyes, watching her beautiful daughter hurting herself, and feeling helpless. She wanted, needed, something to help her. I made some suggestions. They seemed lame … Read more