Reading and longing

A friend messaged me this week and said he was hungry for something to read and wanted to know if I had something shareable to feast upon because he couldn’t find anything that moved him. It made me reflect on my own casting about for something to read for inspiration. … Read more

Pinning down the wild mind

Writing an academic essay (for me) is like having someone standing behind me watching over my shoulder at a life drawing class. It’s as if that voice is telling me this is what you should think, how you should think and how you should write. These are the rules. I’ve … Read more

The thing about writing or losing your way in the woods

The thing about writing is, you can be anyone or anything you want to be. You can go wherever you want, have whatever you want. You can go as far as your imagination can stretch. This week I thought my creative brain had gone to sleep and my imagination left … Read more