How to live in the world?

That image of an impossibly small lifeless body lying on the beach is seared into my brain. I wanted to look away but couldn’t because I couldn’t make sense of it, couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Since seeing that small body washed up on a beach I wake up … Read more

Hairy Kidneys

I should be writing an essay right now but I had to get this down – out, this story about hairy kidneys, because it makes my eyes water. I had lunch with my good friend Gabby today. I found her in the supermarket six months ago, when I first arrived … Read more

“Happiness is like an orgasm…” but both are better buttered with metta (love)

A tongue in ear comparative study of Buddhism and Tim-Minchinism, (here forth known as Timinism). “Happiness is like an orgasm, think about it too much and it goes away….” Oh yes-yes-yes I screamed as I listened to Tim’s rough-slick-ha wisdom in a clip of Tim making a speech at a … Read more