Book Launch thanks

Thanks everyone for a wonderful book launch, for all your support and kind wishes. Thanks especially to Craig Hassad for his speech and encouraging words about my book. Thanks to the fabulous team who worked with me on the book, Fran MacDonald, Carol Goudie and Sam Harmer. It has been … Read more

Riding the what-if fast train track to nowhere

I had to laugh at myself this morning. I woke up worrying. “What if no one comes to my launch?’ Then, “what if everyone comes to the launch?” Then, “what if no one likes it?” Then, “what if everyone likes it and I’m never left alone?” And so on and … Read more

Happy international women’s day

In an interesting article in The Conversation, Simone Fullagar and Jessica Francombe-Webb discuss the complexities of women and sport, and body image. Well worth a read. I’d like to add another perspective from some research I did several years ago about gender differences in physical activity, body image and … Read more