Writing uncovers the truth of my father’s love

It’s often through writing that I arrive at a new understanding. It happened last night and this morning. I woke in the middle of the night writing my father’s eulogy in my head. Yes probably a bit unusual to be writing your father’s eulogy in the middle of the night. … Read more

What to do with a Black Hole?

I’m not really in the loop, any loop, but especially not the American pop culture loop. So it’s no surprise that I had no idea what Black Friday was when it popped up all over the place this week. I thought I’d missed something. But no, it’s only Australia falling … Read more

Creativity from the cushion of insight

I’m just back from a silent retreat. I always find it hard to land after all that silence, hard to ease my way back into the ordinary interactions of everyday. A friend thinks it sounds like solitary confinement, an agony of solitude. For me the silence is restful. But it … Read more