Driving through pain towards happiness

Some of you know that life’s been tough for me in the last few months. I’ve been swimming through physical and emotional pain like a mock turtle swimming around in a hot pot of turtle soup. What is a mock turtle anyway? When I tell people that its been tough … Read more

I saw god at the golf course last night

I saw god at the golf course last night. I’m not particularly religious so I was surprised too. I was down there taking some photos at dusk. I’ve become a photo-addict and I go out taking photos every day. I went to a course in Qld recently, with photographer Ken … Read more

My deviant question

I’ve been learning about prose poems so here is my first attempt, though I think it might be too long to be called a poem. Sunday lunch with friends. Warm inside our slice of Greece, wrapped in smells of roasting lamb and hard coffee, laughter and music rise and fall … Read more