New Year Blessing for an old friend

Old friend   May age rest gently upon your shoulders, woven with the warmth of wisdom to soften the chill winds of change. And when change comes, may it arrive soft-knocking at your front door, not crashing through the back door in dead of night, lights blazing Unstoppable. When change … Read more

Words for Dad

“Big John” – that’s what one friend called him… and yes, he was a big man. Big arms to carry sleepy children in from the car after the long drive home. Big ego, big enough to dream a town, his voice burnished bright with hope for this small town that … Read more

Nature always wants to play with you

This morning She called me out to play before breakfast. I was still in bed, writing, on my third cup of tea. Yes I write in bed and drink buckets of tea and forget to eat when I am really gunning it, well penning it I suppose you’d say. Standing … Read more