New Year Blessing for an old friend

Old friend


May age rest gently upon your shoulders,

woven with the warmth of wisdom to soften the chill winds of change.

And when change comes,

may it arrive soft-knocking at your front door,

not crashing through the back door in dead of night, lights blazing


When change comes, open that door willingly,

invite it in, bowing deep in acceptance and curiosity.

And when those old hungry ghosts of worry and pain

crowd in on you at night, scratching at your peaceful soul,

may your head rest easy into quiet mind,

and may you fall into the arms of sleep,

held gently in your dreaming, until morning.

And in the morning, may your coffee be dark and sweet,

full-bodied, and strong enough to stir your soul

awake to this day.

May your work rest gently on your days, and leave you alone in the evening;

may the solace of your work never burden you,

but be an expression of your love for this world,

bursting with all its wonder and its pain.

And at twilight, as the air grows cold

may your hearth be warmed by love and welcome,

shared conversation with old friends,

good reads and good reds,

and music that sings your soul.

May beauty be your constant companion,

reaching through dull days in a shaft of light, awakening your heart.


May beauty wash through you like summer rain,

refreshing your spirit, and rinsing your soul bright as your first day.

And may you know the simple beauty in each day,

a honey-eater or blue wren outside your window,

as you sip your morning brew.

And beauty so deep it hugs your mind like orographic cloud around high mountain,

making you fall to your knees in awe,

such beauty it thrums in your veins and beats your blood,

reminding you of the mystery of this small humanity.

May kindness and forgiveness be your closest friends,

growing your heart plump as a ripe peach,

and red as red as a sweet raspberry, plucked warm and sticky from the prickly bush,

a heart drenched in the fragrance of love.

May you laugh often, in shared delight,

laugh with the ease of a small child

at simple things,

and dance like no one is watching,

running bare-foot along the sand, salty wind in your face,

remembering always,

you are free,

– calling into the wind – greet the sea, greet the sea…..

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