The packing puzzle ending in a mirror

I’m leaving Lightening Ridge. The owners have returned. And I’m homeless and on the move again. This time I’m heading for the coast my soul is in need moisture. As I pack my bags I’m struck again by things that have always puzzled me when I’m travelling. These are the … Read more

A mixed blog; Gough Whitlam, writing, and my inner bitchy-chick

I cried when I heard Gough had died. It surprised me that I cried. I only met Gough once when I was about 9 or 10. It was the town opening of Coleambally, where I grew up. Dad was shire president, and he and Mum were hanging out with the … Read more

12,000 words from virgin novelist

Yes I wrote 12,000 words today. Well almost, somewhere between 11,500 and 12,000. Won’t mean much to anyone other than writers. But lets just say it’s a lot, almost sick. I started at 4am and tapped away till just before 1pm with a few wee and tea breaks and a … Read more