Practicing happy

We all just want to be happy so how come so many people are miserable? As I said in my pervious post the foundation of happiness is, understanding how to approach pain when it arrives, and be kind to yourself as you move gently and firmly through the pain. But … Read more

Something to blog about or the dog and the blog

I was attacked by a dog this morning. Ok it didn’t bite me so maybe it wasn’t technically an attack. Well, I was savaged by a dog. Ok ok, a dog ran at me barking and growling with its hackles up. It probably would have attacked me if I hadn’t … Read more

Driving through pain towards happiness

Some of you know that life’s been tough for me in the last few months. I’ve been swimming through physical and emotional pain like a mock turtle swimming around in a hot pot of turtle soup. What is a mock turtle anyway? When I tell people that its been tough … Read more