I saw god at the golf course last night

I saw god at the golf course last night. I’m not particularly religious so I was surprised too. I was down there taking some photos at dusk. I’ve become a photo-addict and I go out taking photos every day. I went to a course in Qld recently, with photographer Ken … Read more

My deviant question

I’ve been learning about prose poems so here is my first attempt, though I think it might be too long to be called a poem. Sunday lunch with friends. Warm inside our slice of Greece, wrapped in smells of roasting lamb and hard coffee, laughter and music rise and fall … Read more

Tribute to Jan Kay

Goodbye to a gentle woman. Jan Kay social worker/Hakomi therapist, friend and colleague will be sadly missed. Many of us have been touched by her gentle wisdom. Jan died peacefully at home with her family on Sunday. May she rest in peace and may her family find solace in their … Read more