Trusting random

I took a random trip the National Gallery this week. I was staying with a friend I hadn’t seen for ten years and decided to hang out an extra day. As I stepped into the late morning the wind slapped my face like a cold fish. I checked for my … Read more

Every human heart suffers

When I was told of a friend’s sister’s suicide, it was like someone kicked my heart with a heavy boot – steel capped. It was Monday of the long weekend and a cluster of friends were hanging around like a herd of cats on a sunny bank on the Murrumbidgee … Read more

The surprise connection in reading on a grave

I was at the Blackwood cemetery last week. Yes is it is lovely but I wasn’t there for the ambience. I was there to find Mrs McGregor’s grave. Apparently that has the best reception in town. I didn’t end up finding Mrs McGregor’s grave, but Edward Vaughan gets good coverage … Read more