The brain, pain and happiness crowds Castlemaine library

Great turn out last night at the Castlemaine library for my talk with seventy odd people. Well the people weren’t odd. At least I don’t think so they all seemed very nice and even smiled when I tried to make a joke. I mean there were approximately seventy people. I … Read more

The bluebird of crappiness sings

When I woke up this morning with the bluebird of crappiness sitting on my head and a withering smell in the air I knew it was going to be a bad day. Some days we wake up feeling blue, grey, green, or black for no particular reason. It’s like there’s … Read more

Beautiful and brave friends of the earth

MY beautiful and courageous friend Nada reading a poem by Drew Dellinger. Received an email this morning with this news about Nada and Tony, “Early this morning, her and Tony made their way into the Leard State Forest — which is the site of Whitehaven’s Maules Creek coal mine, the … Read more