Wanting in work

As I was driving up the Newell Highway last week on my way to visit family for Easter I was listening to Life Matters. Natasha Mitchell was speaking to her guest, Economist Jessica Irvine about productivity. Perhaps if I’d been listening at some other time I might have heard it … Read more

Doing what you don’t want to get what you do want

I had a bingle with some techi stuff yesterday. No stuff, not staff. All the staff are lovely and helpful, even when I’m activated, for those who don’t know the language of i-brainmap, read – angry, frustrated, impatient, grumpy. Yes, technology is one of my biggest triggers for lower brain … Read more

Stuck in writing

This is for all those who emailed me and said they were feeling stuck in their writing question of “what do I really want?” Below are some writing reorientations that you could try if you feel stuck, but try some of your own, like dialoging with the stuck parts, or … Read more