It’s not All in the Mind. New insights into Post Traumatic Stress

Rita McInnes, psychologist and developer of i-brainmap responds to All in the Mind program on ABC Radio National 27th April 2014, titled Too Much Reality. Post traumatic stress is not all in the mind, it’s in the body too. So says Professor Sandy McFarlane in an interview with Lynne Malcolm. … Read more

Don’t take your cow to town

This post is for those who have contacted me to say they feel like they are going around and around in their writing question about wanting. How do you approach your question? And your writing? As you come to that blank page, or face your question each morning is it … Read more

The web of wanting

I can hear my brain grinding and moaning with my question. “Oh no, not this again…” it whines. I need to have a different take on my question, “what do I really want?” so I’ve decided to investigate the wanting part of the question. How do you want? As I … Read more