Poem for Karen

A poem I wrote for my dear friend Karen who died last night surrounded by love and music, as she would have wanted it. She will live in our hearts and minds, our beloved friend. You have been my mountain, a warm rock to lean my back against when winter … Read more

Death waiting

Death came softly through the back door this week. He slipped in quietly while I was busy with my mundane. When I looked up he was sitting with my dear friend Karen, cradling her gently in his grandfather kind arms. He has surprised me again. Death always surprises me. I’ve … Read more

Mental health slips out of the closet and into a book near you

Rita McInnes, psychologist, responds to Natasha Mitchell’s article, The forces that control, in the Age, 22nd March 2014, on books by Scott Stossel and David Adam. You get anxious, I get anxious, everybrain gets anxious. Anxiety is a normal part of our biology and evolution. Until recently it has been … Read more