Missing peace of mind

This one-day training, outlines the Integrated Brain Map or i-brainmap, which is a psycho-educational model, developed over ten years clinical practice with clients experiencing post traumatic stress. The i-brainmap can also be used as a general explanation for stress, anxiety and related symptoms.

  • The i-brainmap is a psycho-educational, bottom-up model, showing clients how traumatic and overwhelming events impact the brain-body mind.
  • The i-brainmap is a condensed and visually accessible description of the neurobiology of post traumatic stress and anxiety related symptoms.
  • Firstly it describes the common experiences (the what) of brain-system overwhelm in the brain-body-mind.
  • Secondly it unpacks neuro-dynamics (the why) that underpin these experiences.
  • The final dimension of the i-brainmap is a step-by-step mindfulness technique for regulating lower brain activation (the how), including implementation options into counselling practice.

Although the principles that underpin the i-brainmap indicate mindfulness – awareness and regulation of physiological reactions (bottom up) as a core dimension in therapy, the i-brainmap can be used in conjunction with any therapeutic approach.

The missing peace of mind is a one day professional training program available on request. Please contact us for more details.