International Brain Awareness Week BAW


It’s international Brain Awareness Week next week, 10th-16th March.

To celebrate I’m launching my book, i-brainmap, freeing your brain for happiness, on 14th March, in Daylesford, Australia.


How can you celebrate your brain?

Here are some suggestions from other brain lovers:

  • eat some good brain food, fish, eggs, nuts
  • drink water
  • take your brain for a walk and don’t forget to smell the eucalypts
  • listen to some soothing music
  • watch the waves lapping the beach
  • pat your dog, or smell his wet-dog-fur
  • reflect on what you are grateful for
  • take some deep breaths, in and out rhythmically to oxygenate your brain
  • hug a friend of child
  • think about something wonderful
  • remember a great holiday


Here are links to sites and events around the world celebrating the brain.

If you have any other links about events for Brain Awareness Week please let us know.

Or any suggestions for loving your brain.

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