The brain, pain and happiness crowds Castlemaine library

Great turn out last night at the Castlemaine library for my talk with seventy odd people. Well the people weren’t odd. At least I don’t think so they all seemed very nice and even smiled when I tried to make a joke. I mean there were approximately seventy people. I … Read more

It’s not All in the Mind. New insights into Post Traumatic Stress

Rita McInnes, psychologist and developer of i-brainmap responds to All in the Mind program on ABC Radio National 27th April 2014, titled Too Much Reality. Post traumatic stress is not all in the mind, it’s in the body too. So says Professor Sandy McFarlane in an interview with Lynne Malcolm. … Read more

i-brainmap meets abuse

I had a letter from someone I’ll refer to as V, who is reading my book, i-brainmap, freeing your brain for happiness. The question V asked went something like this: “If a person has been abused and learns to understand the impact of the abuse on the brain (using i-brainmap … Read more