Freedom with nothing lost

I spent last week trying to write about nothing. Writing about nothing is difficult. Oxymoronic. It all started because I had nothing to say. Yes it was a surprise to me too. But I didn’t want to be one of the ones who keep talking-writing even when they don’t have … Read more

Selling god

Because I’m in a new place my brain is open to everything, like a child on her first day at school, perhaps looking a little lost. It invites people in. I was in the great hall, talking to a man at a table about laughter therapy and the possibility of … Read more

The hungry frock

I was showing my age yesterday. Yes it surprised me too. The kind of surprise you get at the end of the day when you realize your skirt is tucked into your undies. And as you cast your mind back down the bright corridor of your day, you realize that … Read more