Doing what you don’t want to get what you do want

I had a bingle with some techi stuff yesterday. No stuff, not staff. All the staff are lovely and helpful, even when I’m activated, for those who don’t know the language of i-brainmap, read – angry, frustrated, impatient, grumpy. Yes, technology is one of my biggest triggers for lower brain … Read more

Stuck in writing

This is for all those who emailed me and said they were feeling stuck in their writing question of “what do I really want?” Below are some writing reorientations that you could try if you feel stuck, but try some of your own, like dialoging with the stuck parts, or … Read more

The writing challenge; what do you really want?

Every morning I wake up with the world calling me, loudly. There are lists to write or do, emails, tweets and posts all grabbing for my attention. Before my feet hit the ground my head is spinning with everything there is to do. It happens so fast and furious that … Read more