Where have I been all my life?

I saw a new house on my way to work this week. Not new exactly, in fact probably sixty years old, but new to me.

I’ve been driving that way to work for the last three years and never noticed that house before. It made me wonder, how often do I do something hundreds of times and not even notice I’m doing it? Or for that matter see what’s going on around me?

There’s a great book called “Wherever you go there you are,” by Jon Kabbat-Zin, really worth a read. Jon’s a lucky guy I think, that he keeps finding himself wherever he goes. Me, I can’t seem to find myself no matter where I look.

I wonder if I should call my book, “Where have I been all my life.” Sometimes I can go for days and there’s no one home in here, it takes a big bang or someone calling my name loudly to get me back.

Where do I go? That I really don’t know. Not somewhere productive that’s for sure, because I don’t bring back any great ideas or clues about how to manage my money better or fix the handle on my workbag. I just seem to wander off into some foreign land, while my body is left in charge of things and gets into all sorts of mischief while I’m away.

Sometimes I get back and find I’ve eaten a whole packet of something yummy. I only know this because the packet is still sitting on the bench, I didn’t even bother to hide it from myself.

Invitations to curiosity What’s your attention is doing when you do the ordinary stuff like housework or driving? Can notice something different on your usual route to work or along your regular walking track?

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