Good grief exhaustion

I had lunch with a young friend this week. We both complained about feeling tired. He said it was hard to get motivated. I agreed. My young friend lost is his mother recently. She was also a good friend of mine. It’s only this morning in my writing that I … Read more

This is my brain and it’s not perfect – thanks Tim Minchin

Thanks Tim Minchin (and Chrissie Bolton for link) for reminding us. This song, like a strange prayer, reverent and quirky reminder about what’s important – Earth, Home, Body & Brain. Not perfect, yet like a loyal friend that sometimes we forget or even abuse, Earth, Home, Body and Brain are … Read more

Writing anger

I’ve had some people contact me to say they are angry at their writing. So here are some reflections for on writing anger. If you could fly above your life, and view it as an eagle how would it look? From this great height how big does your writing look … Read more