Simple Sensory Strategies for kids who worry a lot

Final diablog in this series from guest Diablogger Dr Far. Dr Far: now we want to give you some ideas that kids can use when they feel anxious or their Naughty Brain is stuck on worry. Adults can use the same strategies because everyone has a Naughty Brain that misbehaves … Read more

Mums with kids with Naughty Brains

Guest diablogger Dr Far. Doc Far works with Mum’s (and Dad’s but will refer to all parents as Mums – Main Uneconomic Minder) of kids with Naughty Brains. Mum: Can you help me Doc Far? My little boy Jack is very anxious and doesn’t want to go to school. He … Read more

Worried kids meet naughty brain

Guest diablog with Dr Fartonya. She works with kid’s naughty brains. Dr Far: What’s going on Little Jack? Little Jack: I get scared sometimes. I know it’s dumb but I can’t help it. No of course you can’t help it. Your brain is doing its job but maybe it’s getting … Read more